21 February 2014

Sweet As...

One of the boats in Huruhi Harbour back from a dive.
I’ve always loved the Kiwi expression, “sweet as”, but I’ve never actually used it in conversation or in writing. However, I think I have now had the perfect, quintessential “sweet as” experience involving scallops and the generosity of fellow yachties. And what makes it even sweeter is that Scott and I seem to be getting really good at mind control and ESP. Here is what happened…

When we were back at Great Mercury Island, we saw a number of boats in Huruhi Harbour go out for the day with all of their diving gear and come back in at night. We thought to ourselves, “I bet they’re going out diving for scallops and crayfish.” And then Scott thought to himself, “I wish I had a wetsuit and diving gear and could go with them.” Then I thought to myself, “I wish Scott had a wetsuit and diving gear and could go with them and bring me back scallops and crayfish to eat while I sit here reading my book.”

Not having a wetsuit or diving gear, we went walking on the island instead during the day and when we were in our dinghy heading back to our boat, we saw one of the diving boats come back in and Scott said, “Wouldn’t it be great if they came over to our boat and gave us some of their scallops?” And I said, “Wouldn’t it be even better if they had already taken the scallops out of the shells and had them ready for us to cook?”

Clearly, our powers of ESP are very strong and the magical powers of the Mercury Island enabled us to control the minds of others across the water because that is exactly what happened. The lovely lady from Dreamcatcher came over and gave us what seemed like a gazillion scallops out of the shells and all ready to cook. We’ve never talked to her before and we didn’t know her and yet she shared their scallops with us. I’m pretty sure they don’t read our blog, but if they do, thank you, thank you, thank you! They were delicious and sweet as!


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