03 February 2014

I Washed My Hair Today

My new shampoo.
Yes, it's true - I washed my hair today. I realize some of you may be thinking, "Wow, Ellen, truly earth shattering news. I washed my hair today too but you don't seem me writing a blog post about it." Others who have seen me recently may be thinking, "It's about time. I don't think I've seen that much grease since the last time I went to McDonald's."

What makes this earth shattering is that this is the first time I've washed my hair on the boat using dishwashing liquid while swimming in the Hauraki Gulf. We don't have a shower on board, we don't have a lot of water storage and we don't go to marinas regularly to take advantage of their showers. So, sooner or later it was going to have to happen. I jumped in the water, Scott squeezed some of that fine "shampoo" into my hand. I lathered and dunked my head in the water for that all important salt water rinse. Lather, rinse, repeat. Then I climbed back on board, had a frugal rinse with fresh water, combed in some leave-in conditioner and let the sun do its magic drying.

It seems like dishwashing liquid is commonly used for washing hair in salt water as it will lather up so I gave it a go. The end result - no more grease and slightly crunchy hair. But then again, I've never been known for having a luxurious mane of hair so no real loss. Scott said it looked nice. But I think he was just tired of me looking in the mirror and wanted me to go make dinner.

The bottle promises "squeaky clean dishes" which we can only assume translates to "squeaky clean hair". It also warns you not to get it in your eyes and if you do, rinse thoroughly and seek medical advice. I had no idea washing your dishes was so hazardous.
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