17 June 2019

An Ode To Libraries & A Request

How many of you love libraries? How many of you frequent your local library? How many of you think it's important for communities to support and nurture their libraries?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you're my kind of person. A library person. A bookish sort of person. A person who thinks there are treasures to be discovered inside the covers.

I know some of us don't get to libraries much these days. Maybe you read ebooks instead of checking books out. Or you're a full-time traveler and don't have a local library to call your own. Or you're just plain busy. I get it. I can relate. But regardless, I bet you still think libraries are important. What is it that Albert Einstein said?

Apparently he was smart guy so he must know what he was talking about, right?

On the subject of libraries, I have a favor to ask. I'd love to get my books into more libraries so that people can check them out and enjoy them for free. I know that not everyone can afford to buy books. When there's a new author I want to try out, I often check my local library first. It's a no-risk way to see if they're my cup of tea (if they are, I might go on to buy other books for them), plus it helps me save money, because when you live on a money pit, aka a sailboat, every penny counts.

If you'd be interested in helping get the Mollie McGhie Sailing Mysteries into your local library (ebook, paperback and/or large print), you can download all the information you need HERE. Many libraries have online forms you can fill out or you can print out a copy of the info sheet and give it to your local librarian.

And if you library does get one of my books, I'd be thrilled if you'd send me a picture of it on the shelves! Here's a picture of Murder at the Marina at Central Library in Portland, Oregon. Squee!

If you can help out, thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  1. Giving people the information so they can request your book is great. Library sales are wonderful since they don't return books.

  2. I don't wander the library as much as I used to - I tend to just put books on hold and pick them up when they're ready.

  3. That’s great to see, Ellen! I’m looking forward to the next book too. I enjoyed your first book very much!

  4. Make a request for Fulton Country Library in Atlanta for the first two books (am only allowed to request two books a week). In the process the library asked that I search the catalog first to make sure they didn't already have the books - they didn't. But I found a series by a guy named Paul Jacobson. He has titles like - "Retirement Homes are Murder", "Senior Moments Are Murder", "Living With Your Kids Is Murder." Apparently this is the exciting world of Geezer-lit.

    Hope to see your book in the Atlanta public library soon!

  5. I LOVE going to the library. We go at least three times a month. I need to keep my kid and I in good supply.

  6. How cool to see your books in the library! (That makes you FAMOUS!)

    Since I got my Kindle, I don't frequent the library nearly as much as I used to, but libraries are still one of my favorite places.

  7. I go to my local libraries all the time! I've loved the library ever since I was a child. :)

  8. We have fabulous libraries, and i am going to follow that link and see what i can do.

    My favorite library story came from the US Army. One base commander decided, during budget cuts, that they could save money by shutting down the base library. He saw it as unneeded, but the howl went up from the base school, parents, etc. Anyway, the general over his head made the announcement that if he came to a base and that base didn't have a library, he better not see an open golf course there, either. Of course, no libraries got closed!

  9. I love libraries and have since I was a child. I remember my dad taking me when I was very little and I was so excited, I can still imagine myself running towards the kid book section. Libraries are magical. :)

  10. I need to remember to request books more often, but I'm going to change that now :)

  11. I’m a huge library fan, as you know! it’s not easy to get self-pubbed books into a library, though. I think mine are only in the system where I worked. But with our books in the catalogs they buy from, a request at least stands a chance!

  12. All of which reminds me... I need to go get a library card. I’ve totally been using the digital library for the last year, but now we’re settled...


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