11 February 2019

Ballroom Dancing With Two Left Feet

Someone sent me an email late last week which said:
"I think a post on ballroom dancing is in order. You can't passively mention something like that and leave your faithful readers wondering. Can you?"
My first reaction was:
"What the heck is he talking about?" 
After a few minutes, I remembered that I had mentioned ballroom dancing in my IWSG post on creativity last week.

Then I felt old. Honestly, I can't remember anything anymore. Thank goodness for Scott. He's like my human hard drive. I've backed up all my memories into his brain and when I need to remember something, he tells me what happened and when.

He told me all about taking ballroom dancing lessons when we lived in Scotland, and then later how we tried it again when we lived in New Zealand.

After a while, the memories came flooding back. Memories of having two left feet. Memories of constantly stepping on Scott's toes. Memories of barely being able to walk in heels, let alone dance in them. Memories of the instructor trying to tell me diplomatically that I shouldn't quit my day job.

Here's the danger of having a human hard drive - how do you know if what they're telling you is true? Maybe I was actually the star of the class. Maybe I was so good at ballroom dancing that I intimidated all of the other students. Maybe I don't have two left feet. Maybe. . .

Okay, maybe I should stop deluding myself. The fact that I routinely trip while walking on flat surfaces while wearing flat shoes should be a clue that I'm never going to be the next star of the ballroom dancing circuit. But a girl can dream, right?

Do you have a good memory? Have you ever tried ballroom dancing? What do you wish you were good at?


  1. I'm really good at boating. We had a wonderful weekend even though it rained and rained and rained.

    I can't do ballroom dancing and I don't want to. I do enjoy watching others though.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Ellen. ♥

  2. I have this vague memory of maybe taking dancing lessons or maybe it was a video or maybe I made it up. Greg is my human hard drive but unfortunately he has only been around for the past 17 years and sometimes I ask him about something and he says it must have been some other guy. I think the dancing lessons might have been some other guy. Greg says we've never taken lessons although we talked about it. I think you need a sense of rhythm to dance anyways so I'm out. Perhaps rhythm and memory or connected? I have also been told having a good sense of smell and memory are connected. I have a lousy sense of smell.

  3. I can't dance any type of dance.
    I'm good at remembering everything except dates. Fortunately my wife has that covered. She's my back-up drive.

  4. My memory is so-so, and i can't dance. It would be nice to have something i could do besides read as a hobby.

  5. I do have an excellent memory, but that isn't always a good thing. Sometimes there are things you'd rather forget.

    I've always wanted to take ballroom dancing lessons with a partner, but the closest I got was taking swing dancing lessons with a friend. And, despite my good memory, damned if I can remember a single step. Maybe it would come back to me if I tried.

  6. I have a brain filled with useless facts, so in that regard, my memory is still pretty sharp, but it might take me a few minutes to remember what I fixed for dinner last week.

    It'd be awesome to be a terrific ballroom dancer. Ain't gonna happen, though. That ship has sailed. Once upon a time, I won a jitterbug contest, and that was an absolute blast. However, I can't take any credit for it. My partner was a fabulous leader. All I did was follow him.

  7. My memory is...do I have one? (It's really that bad). My husband + I did a short ballroom dance class before our wedding. I was wearing flats (heels are something I've never tried to master), and it went fine...with the instructor. My husband...well, let's just say that dancing isn't his thing. Which is fine. I've always learned of learning to play the cello or the harp or sky-diving or being a top-notch gymnast (which died since I've never been able to touch my toes).

  8. dreamed or learning....not learned of learning.


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