03 December 2018

November In Numbers

Clockwise from upper left: (1) new batteries = more power; (2) new charge controller = more amps into batteries; (3) new-to-us windlass = no more pulling up anchor by hand; (4) waiting for rigging inspection results = three nervous guys; (5) canvas & mainsail up = Tickety Boo looking more like a sailboat; and (6) varnishing project = fun with arts & crafts.

November was busy, busy, busy! We worked on a lot of boat projects and I released the second book in my cozy sailing mystery series - Bodies in the Boatyard. Boat projects went really well during the month, so well that we started to wonder when the other shoe would drop. And drop it did - we discovered a crack in our hull a couple of days ago (more on that in a future post). So instead of getting ready to head off to the Bahamas in January, we've made arrangements to haul out our sailboat, Tickety Boo, and move her to the boatyard in mid-December so that we can see the extent of the damage and address it. We'll also tackle a zillion other boat projects while we're there.

The scary thing is that I think my books are coming to life. In Bodies in the Boatyard, Mollie and Scooter discover a leak on their boat and have to haul their sailboat out. Let's just hope that's where the similarities end and that we don't run across any dead bodies.

Now, on to a recap of last month in numbers:

  • 5 - Number of new batteries we bought for Tickety Boo. Four house batteries and one starter battery. The previous owner of our boat had removed the starter from the battery set-up. We've reinstated it. So reassuring to know that we have one battery dedicated to starting the engine, especially after that terrifying incident we had anchored off of Cat Island in the Bahamas.
  • 2 - Number of portlights (or, more accurately, deadlights as they don't open) we replaced. One left to go. No more leaky windows. Although there is that pesky leak coming through the hull to deal with. {Sigh}
  • $1,532 - How much we spent on boat-related things in November. I expect to have several more spendy months ahead of us.
  • 4 - How many days in a row we ate ham. The marina puts on a huge spread at Thanksgiving and there was so much food leftover. Usually people eat leftover turkey. Not us - we were all about the ham this year.
  • 732 - Approximately how many mini-chocolate chips I put in my morning oatmeal. Last month, I reported that I put in 16 in my bowl. Scott pointed out that I was greatly underestimating my morning chocolate consumption levels and that I was misleading all of you, so I decided I should come clean. Yes, basically I eat a bowl of chocolate for breakfast with a few oats thrown in to make me feel less guilty.
  • 1 - How many masts we have (Tickety Boo is sloop-rigged). This comes in handy when you're having your rigging inspected as you pay less than someone who has a cutter-rigged boat. I'm happy to report that Tickety Boo passed her inspection
  • $208 - How much we spent on eating out last month. There's been a lot of socializing going on at the marina lately. It's been a lot of fun to be reunited with our cruising friends - great times and lots of laughs.
  • 1 - Number of books I read last month. Anyone who knows me will know that's pretty shocking. Usually I read quite a bit, but life was busy crazy during November. But if you're only going to read one book in a month, it should be a good one, and it was - Music Boxes by Tonja Drecker.
  • 2,581 - How many words I wrote. I had high hopes of participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and knocking out the first draft of my next book, Poisoned by the Pier. I failed big time. I'll really need to get cracking on it this month.

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How did last month go for you? What are you looking forward to next month?

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  1. Just a few comments:

    1 - A dedicated starting battery is soooo worth it for the peace of mind!
    2 - Yay on getting the windows replaced! Boo on the crack in the hull! Keeping our fingers crossed that when you haul out it ends up not being too bad.
    3 - We are quickly coming to realize that owning an older RV is every bit as costly as an older sailboat. Sigh...
    4 - The Thanksgiving ham was way yummier than the turkey this year!
    5 - Tell Scott to mind his own business...how much chocolate you eat for breakfast is none of his beeswax! ;)
    6 - Congrats on passing your rigging inspection! We probably would've had one done as well if we were heading back in the water, but kinda glad we were spared that anxiety lol!
    7 - I think we may have contributed to your dining out spend. Sorry...not sorry! It's so good to be back with the peeps at Indiantown!
    8 - YOU only read one book?!? That's harder to believe than the chocolate chip count!
    9 - Can't wait for the next installment in the Mollie McGhie series!

    1. Such a shame that your RV is costly too :-( I'm really glad we did the rigging inspection. That was actually how we found the crack. We removed the floorboard so that Jamel could inspect the bottom of the compression post and there was a lot of water in there that hadn't drained to the bilge well. Once we extracted the water and poked around there was the crack in a spot that you can't see very well and which no one had noticed before during the survey and when the keel bolts were replaced.

  2. If you were only going to read one book, I thank you for reading Tonja's!

  3. Don't forget, there's always Camp NaNo in April and July! :)

  4. Mercy, if i were facing a crack in my hull, i'd want chocolate for breakfast, too. You need something to help you cope.

    Hope December proves to be a fabulous month for you!

  5. Yes, good batteries are indeed wonderful. To have them work when you need something to work is a lot of peace of mind.

    Nothing worse than a leaky boat. We are ever watchful of that too.

    Looks like you're getting the boat ready to cruise. Good for you.

    I think you need to stock up on chocolate chips. I see nothing wrong with your breakfast.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Ellen. ♥

    1. Such a difference to know you have batteries that can hold a charge.

  6. I find it incredible that you managed to help with so many boat projects and released your second book in the same month! Wow! And, you even managed to read a complete book.

    I have to stop comparing you to me. :-) In November, I helped with a few camper projects, did NOT release a book (but, picked up editing my memoir again), did not read ANY books (but started "Bodies in the Boatyard"), and never ate chocolate for breakfast. Sorry to hear about the crack (and I had the same thought as you about copying what happened in your books).

    1. Well done on not eating chocolate for breakfast! I'm really glad you're back at your memoir. So looking forward to seeing it released into the world.

  7. Sorry to hear about the crack in the hull. That's one crack too many. I hope it's an easy peasy fix. (And NO bodies!)

  8. Wow. That was a busy November. And I certainly hope the 'books coming to life' won't become a trend for you.

  9. Finding the crack now, before you go to sea is without a doubt a blessing. Thank you Lord. Have a fantastic December and may your troubles/cracks all be small ones, Geoff.

    1. That's so true, Geoff, about finding it now rather than later.

  10. Ditch the boat and come and hang out with us in Mexico! I have approximately 3588 mini chocolate chips in my refrigerator (yes, I counted them) and a box of oatmeal stashed in the tool box! It would be fun!

    No, no, fix your boat - go sailing. Miss you!

  11. That's fascinating about the rigging inspection. And I recommend reading your books. ~grin~ I *finally* posted a review of book two. Sorry it took me so long. Most days, I rewarded a good day of writing toward my NaNoWriMo challenge with reading a chapter of "Bodies in the Boatyard".

  12. Wow, that's quite a month! I'm glad Tickety Boo passed its inspection.


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