20 March 2017

Morning Coffee | Random Thoughts & Oddities

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Paul at Lat43 does these hysterical Morning Tea blog posts which are a brain dump of whatever pops into his head while he's writing them. I decided to steal his idea. Except, I'm drinking coffee while I write this and he drinks tea, so it isn't really stealing, is it?

So, here we go - all of the random nonsense floating through my head while I sip on my morning coffee.

  • Today, we burn down the boat.
  • You think I'm kidding, don't you?
  • Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. It all depends how this morning goes. We're going to run the final experiment on our solar array (or disarray, as we like to call it). If it goes well, Tickety Boo lives to see another day. If it doesn't, well then you'll know why there's a dark cloud of smoke over Indiantown today. You know, there's dark clouds of smoke everyday here from the sugar cane field burning. No one will probably notice if we add one more dark cloud to the sky.
  • Paul actually started drinking coffee. Nescafe of all things. Melissa from Little Cunning Plan has managed to draw another person into her mysterious cult of instant coffee. 
  • What do you think we should drink at our boat burning party? Beer, wine, gin or all three?
  • We'll have to remember to get the important stuff off of our boat before we burn it, like our passports and the secret stashes of cash I have squirreled around the boat.
  • I hide cash in very clever places so that if anyone tries to rob us, they won't be able to find our cash and have to be content with the $20 and expired credit cards we have in our fake-out-the-robbers wallet which we leave on our chart table.
  • The problem with secret stashes of cash is that sometimes I forget where they are. I found $300 hidden away months after we came back from the Bahamas last time. It was a nice surprise.
  • The Bahamian dollar and the US dollar are on par. You can use the two currencies interchangeably. That's very handy for us Americanos.
  • The Canadian dollar has been really weak against the American dollar. That makes the Canadians at Indiantown Marina sad. 
  • The Canadian government is phasing out pennies. They don't have pennies in New Zealand. Pennies are annoying. We should get rid of pennies here. That would make America great again. 
  • My mother taught me that pennies with their heads up were good luck and that you should pick them up. If it's tails up, you should turn it over and leave it so that the next person that comes by can pick it up and have good luck.
  • I put all of the pennies I get in change into an old plastic jar. I think I'll leave them on the boat when we burn it down. 
  • We could use some good luck with our solar array. Maybe I should empty my penny jar out and turn them all heads up.
  • Scott has the headlights on our vehicle on to partially drain our car battery. It's all part of the Last & Best Hope for Our Solar (Dis-)Array Experiment. 
  • We did this before and someone helpfully turned off our car lights. They felt bad later when they realized we had done it on purpose. I told them not to worry and that it was a very thoughtful and good Samaritan thing to do.
  • I hear Scott making more coffee. I've already had enough coffee this morning. I've switched over to water. Later, at our boat burning party, I'll switch to beer, wine or gin. Or all three.
  • I should probably go and witness the Last & Best Hope for Our Solar (Dis-)Array Experiment. Scott is so hopeful that this is going to be the answer. It's either this or our boat is haunted. 
  • Maybe our boat is haunted. That would explain why the chocolate chip cookies keep disappearing.

I wrote this post a week or so before you're reading it. I wonder if the experiment worked. I wish Simon the Time Traveling Cat was around. He could take me forward in time to find out. That way I'd know whether to go to the store and buy streamers and balloons for our boat burning party or if I should start to do a final provisioning run before we head off to the Bahamas.

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  1. I agree we need to get rid of pennies.
    Maybe a bottle of champagne for the boat burning? Like a reverse launch celebration?

  2. Maybe you need some kind of drink that flames? Or what's that dessert you set on fire - cherries jubilee?

    I never heard that about turning the pennies over!

  3. Beer, wine, gin or all three? I say all three!

    Pennies don't make much sense anymore do they. Kind of like changing the clock forward and then back every six months.

    Have a fabulous day and I'll await the results. ☺

  4. Drinking my Nescafe and feeling your pain. Glad Tickety Boo lived to see another sunrise.

  5. Mysterious cult of instant coffee.....hahahaha, I almost snorted my freshly ground, french roast, with a splash of cream out of my nose when I read that! I didn't hear about a boat burning, so I will assume all is well.

    1. All is well, although we did have more solar issues after I wrote this post, but hopefully they're all sorted now.

  6. I can feel my head spinning with the time travelly thing. I hope you're where you should be a week hence. Or a week hence from when you wrote it a week ago. Which is now. I think.

  7. I have a jar full of pennies. Never carry much cash so I don't have any cool hiding places.

    1. It's weird because I never normally carry cash, so to have enough on hand to have to hide it is weird

  8. I hope you kept the alcohol at a safe distance from the flames ;) I like this random thoughts idea, and definitely with coffee instead of tea.

    1. It's kind of a fun idea for blog posts - give it a try :-)

  9. I'm not human until I've had my first cup of tea for the day. Hope you get no needed alcohol to celebrate

  10. See I posted that comment pre tea! It should have read "I hope you only needed alcohol to celebrate "

    1. Unfortunately, it wasn't a celebration, but we solved it the end (I think).


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