26 June 2015

Wearing A Toaster On My Head & Disappointing Pigs | No Name Cay, Bahamas

"Do you remember that night you wore a toaster on your head?", asked Jane, my pal from SV Wild Blue. If my other pal from SV Wild Blue, Charlie, had asked this, I would have dismissed it as some sort of random nonsense. From time to time, Charlie says (and texts) some peculiar and very funny things. Often rum is involved. But this was Jane speaking. Jane is sensible and coherent when she talks. I was confused.

"What are you talking about Jane?", I asked with a very perplexed look on my face.

"You know. It was that night you guys couldn't find your boat." It was all starting to come back vaguely to me. Then she showed me a picture. Yes, indeed. I was wearing a toaster on my head. I have no idea why. Maybe I was trying to look like the Duchess of Cambridge with all of her stylish hats and fascinators. Maybe this will be the next big thing at all of the royal weddings and christenings - ladies wearing small appliances on their heads.

It was an interesting toaster. Not your usual plug in, two-slice kind of toaster you can buy at Target or Walmart. No, this was the kind of toaster that doesn't require electricity, with four sides to place bread on so that you can make toast on the burner of your propane stove.

Just in case you were wondering, of course I'm not going to publish the picture. I look stupid in it. After all, I'm wearing a toaster on my head. 

Instead here's a picture of Jane and Charlie. I'm sharing this as a sort of preemptive strike, as I have this feeling that the picture of me with the toaster on my head is going to show up on their blog one of these days.

Oh, by the way, we found our boat. And, yes, there was rum involved. 

This all took place at No Name Cay. We went there after our time at Green Turtle Cay in search of pigs. Well, I might have been the only one chomping at the bit to see the pigs. I had seen all of these pictures of the famous swimming pigs in the Exumas and thought they were adorable. Have a look yourself here - aren't they cute? We weren't anywhere near the Exumas and, a bit like Veruca Salt demanding her golden goose, I wanted to see my own adorable, swimming pigs now!

Turns out they weren't adorable. And they don't swim. So disappointing. We left our offerings of old food from our fridge in the designated trough, stared at the boring pigs for a while and then left. Not a single picture taken.

Later we went snorkeling. Fish are much more interesting. And they swim. 

Much, much later, I wore a toaster on my head. A word of warning - if anyone ever offers you multiple glasses of Nassau Royale rum liqueur while holding a small appliance in their hands, just say no. Or, at the very least, make sure there aren't any cameras onboard. 

LOGBOOK NOTES | Wednesday 20 May 2015

Total Nautical Miles - 5
Anchor Up - Green Turtle Cay
Anchor Down - No Name Cay
Total Time - 45 minutes
Number of Glasses of Nassau Royale Drunk - apparently too many 
Pigs vs Fish Smackdown - no question, fish rule

Next up on the blog...is Man O'War Cay populated by clones?
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  1. Aren't you going to share the pic?

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

    1. I don't actually have a copy, but even if I did, I probably wouldn't post it. Way too embarrassing :-)

  2. Well phooey, I was really hoping to see a photo of a toaster on your head. Thanks for clarifying that it's not the standard electrical kind. Having to drag a cord along behind you would be bothersome.

    1. I suppose if you wore a normal toaster on your head you could decorate the cord with colored ribbons to coordinate with your outfit :-)

  3. The more I read, the more I want to hang out with you ;) Love your perspective!

  4. I think we would have a lot of fun together! Here's hoping our paths cross one day :-)

  5. Well....the video of the pigs swimming totally make up for not seeing the toaster.
    I truly have seen it all now.

    - Lisa


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