04 May 2015

April In Numbers

Like we've done since the beginning of the year, it's time a recap of the past month in numbers. Like last month, we spent all of April in Florida. And we stayed in one location the entire time (Indiantown), which really isn't our style. We like to be on the move exploring new places. But there was a very good reason for staying put - we bought a new-to-us Moody 346 sailboat! The boat buying process took up most of the first half of the month and we've been busy with repairs, cleaning, organizing and getting the boat ready to hit the water during the rest of the month. 

So here's how this crazy month went for us in numbers.

  • 1 - Number of offers we made on a boat.
  • 1 - Number of boat surveys we had completed.
  • Too many - Number of issues identified in the boat survey.
  • Countless - Number of sleepless nights wondering if everything would work out okay with the boat purchase.
  • 1 - Number of new boats we bought.
  • $0 - Average per night campsite cost. Our best month ever! We're staying in our Scamper for free near our boat in Indiantown. Awesome. 
  • $149 - Amount we spent on gas. Down significantly from last month ($258). One of the benefits of staying in one place.
  • 7 - Number of chocolate fudge sundaes I ate from Burger King. When the weather is unbearably hot and you desperately need a chocolate fix, then this is the answer. They're pretty cheap too. That's a bonus. 
  • 2 - Number of sailing bloggers that we stalked. Jessica and Matt, from MJ Sailing, were our neighbors on the hard at the Indiantown Marina. After reading about their adventures for years, I finally got to meet them and they're as adorable in real life as they are in their blog. 
  • 2 - Number of blog readers that stopped by to say hi. Duwan and Greg, from Make Like An Ape Man, keep their boat in Indiantown Marina during hurricane season. We spent some time hanging out with them trading beers and stories. Very fun people. When they're not sailing, they travel around in a VW Westfalia van. So neat to meet people who split their time traveling around on water and land!
  • 1 - Number of depressed Scamp travel trailers. Scamper is getting a bit jealous of all of the attention we're paying to our new boat. She's desperate to get back on the road. 
  • 137 - The number of times Scott watched the movie Captain Ron during April. He's kind of a weirdo. [Editor's Note: Scott would like me to point out that I'm prone to exaggeration and that he only watched it once. He also doesn't like being called a weirdo in our blog.] [Another Editor's Note: I just told Scott that when all the young folk today call someone a weirdo, they really mean that they're adorable and that I was just trying to be hip.] [Yet Another Editor's Note: Scott smiles every time I call him a weirdo now. He likes being told how adorable he is. Don't we all.]
  • 1 - Number of wonderfully handy husbands I have. Scott worked tirelessly in the insane heat to make repairs to the boat and get her ready to float. While he worked hard, I wrote blog posts instead. I'm not sure it was the division of labor he as looking for.
  • 26 - Number of posts I wrote as part of the A to Z blogging challenge. That was insane.
  • 2 - Number of flags we bought for our boat. A US flag to fly on the back of our boat and a Bahamian courtesy flag to fly when we get to the Bahamas. Yes, you read that right. We're hoping to get to the Bahamas on our new boat during May. Stay tuned!
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  1. Camping for free! That's awesome. Hubby wants to buy a camper to travel after he retires, I'm nudging him to retire. LOL...chocolate Sundays. I always kept a journal back when we camped. We used to go tent camping for 3 wks when our daughter was younger, was the only way we could afford to travel.

    1. Camping is a great way to travel with the family and do it on a budget! I never camped until I was married, but I imagine it would have been a lot of fun to do so as a kid.

  2. Wow, sure was a busy April for you! Love that $0 for camping, that is our favourite number and in Florida yet. We have tried to tell people that there are places where you can boondock of free or fairly cheap in Florida. It isn't our favourite place though, it's just way to busy for our liking.

    Congratulations of the boat, hope everything goes well and that it will be in "shipshape" for your sail to the Bahamas this month.


    1. Thanks Ruth - fingers crossed we tick off the rest of our boat projects and we have a good weather window and make the crossing over soon :-)


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