27 December 2013

Thank You Santa!

Getting ready to apply Santa's nifty sail tape.

Our letter to Santa Claus seems to have paid off as we got a few exciting presents for Christmas. I have to say, Santa seems a bit dodgy this year though as he seems to look a lot like Scott and charged our presents to our credit card. Not too sure what is going on there, but mother always told me to be gracious when you get presents. So, thank you Santa, we really appreciate the gifts!

I'm probably more excited about the solar shower as staying clean and smelling pretty is one of life's priorities for me. And what is even better is that having a solar shower means there is no excuse for Scott to be stinky. However, having a solar shower doesn't mean we can use it all the time as it still requires fresh water which is in limited supply on our boat. The one Santa gave us holds 9.5 liters of water and we'll fill it up each time we top up the rest of our water. Not sure how many showers or rinses we'll get out of 9.5 liters, but that's something we'll keep an eye on this summer as part of tracking our water usage overall. Santa seems to have bought this at Burnsco and charged our credit card NZ$14.99. I imagine you can probably find them cheaper in the States.

I also got some sailing gloves so my hands don't hurt when I pull on the lines. There was an ugly pair that was less expensive, but Santa was smart and splurged on the better looking pair for NZ$35. Santa gave us a very nifty headlamp - it has three levels of brightness and some weird red flashing lights which don't seem to have any purpose other than to make you look cool. We also got some boring but useful presents including an extra jerry can for diesel and a hacksaw. And of course the most practical present of all was some sail tape so that I could repair the mainsail. A bargain at just NZ$16.

Thanks again Santa for our pressies!!


  1. You must have been on Santa's 'Nice' list this year! FYI, I know from personal experience that you can take a perfectly adequate shower with less than 1 gallon of water (1/2 gallon if no hair washing) using a small garden sprayer. Works a treat. Also, it has been my experience that men do not need any kind of excuse to stay filthy for days at a time. This includes, but is not limited to, failing to shave. Your mileage may vary, but just sayin', don't hold your breath.

    1. Sometimes I wonder if the reason Scott wanted to buy a boat and go cruising was to avoid showers :-)

  2. Many of my off shore friends insist that the don't stink while out at sea, even after weeks on a big crossing. Somehow, I never believed it.

    1. That's probably the trick - if everyone doesn't shower then you can't smell anyone else over your own body odor! Of course, once they hit shore, the folks there might have a different view :-)


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